Eve Bratman is Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth & Environment at Franklin & Marshall College and author of Governing the Rainforest: Sustainable Development in the Brazilian Amazon (Oxford University Press, 2019). 

I am a political ecologist with interdisciplinary training in international relations. My research centrally concerns how sustainable development is envisioned and carried into politics. My book is based on ten years of research in the Brazilian Amazon, and offers a historical account of how lives and landscapes have been profoundly impacted by the sustainable development paradigm. 

My research and teaching also focus on urban sustainability and prospects for climate justice, and the honeybee in relation to global environmental politics. I use postcolonial/decolonial theories, development critiques, and mixed social science methods with an emphasis on ethnography in my research. I engage several of my classes in community-based research. I am also Chair of the City of Lancaster Planning Commission.

Published articlesHere's my mug shot. can be found here, as well as pictures, missives, and a few works-in-progress.  Feel free to look around.

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Twitter: @ittygritty

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