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Eve Bratman is Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, in the Department of Earth & Environment at Franklin & Marshall College.

As a scholar, teacher, and citizen, my goal is to merge sustainability, governance, and environmental justice to foster a more socially and ecologically interconnected world.

The question of how sustainable development is envisioned and carried into politics orients all of my work.  I am a political ecologist with interdisciplinary training in international relations (PhD 2009, from American University’s School of International Service). I wrote Governing the Rainforest: Sustainable Development in the Brazilian Amazon (Oxford University Press, 2019). On this site, you can find a number of my other articles, book chapters, musings, and missives.

My research and teaching focus on a range of related issues: urban sustainability and prospects for climate justice, and how pollinator protection relates to a range of issues in global environmental politics issues. I use postcolonial/decolonial theories, development critiques, and mixed social science methods with an emphasis on ethnography in my research. I engage several of my classes in community-based research, and many of my research activities are oriented around community collaborations and action.

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