I became a beekeeper in 2011 when I was given a hive to install on the roof of our school.  Since then, I started a honey co-op, helped form a student club on campus, the AU Beekeeping Society, and developed a research interest in bees as a microcosm illustration of issues relating to international affairs.

Here is my TEDx- American University talk, Behind the Buzz: The Honeybee in Global Politics.

One of my very talented students, Lauren Neville (Environmental Studies and Communications double major, Class of 2015), made this great video about our campus beekeeping work. In her words, “It’s a character-driven documentary.” I feature prominently in it, for better or for worse!

Honey Harvest from Lauren Brielle Neville on Vimeo.

The AU Beekeeping Society keeps a blog here, and they also have a Facebook group, open for anyone to join.  Here on my site, you’ll also see many posts from my early musings about beekeeping as I first learned the art.


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