Media Appearances

Al Jazeera Inside Story Americas program, “The Real Cost of Brazil’s Dam.” February 1, 2012.

Latin Pulse Podcast, August 31, 2012.  To download or stream, click here.

Latin Pulse Podcast, January 27, 2012. To download or stream, click here.

SIS’ Resident International Environmentalist.” January 27, 2012.

Politco. “DC’s Extreme Greens” April 22, 2010.

Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) Worldview program, “Global Activism: Jewelry Co-op in the Brazilian Amazon.” January 24, 2008.

Washington Post, “The Benefit of Gardening without a Garden.” May 29, 2004. (story about vermicomposting, back from the days that this was still a newsworthy activity).