Brooklyn's Foremost Beekeeper interviewed

Brooklyn’s Foremost Beekeeper interviewed

Brooklyn’s leading beekeeper, Meg Paska, gives the straight dirt on how she pays her bills as an urban beekeeper.  It’s not through running around checking on hives all over the city: “I teach classes, consult restaurants and businesses on managing their own hives and marketing their honey, write articles on beekeeping for related publications, and got myself a book deal to round the whole thing out. I also write about and teach gardening, raising backyard livestock, and other topics related to urban self-sufficiency. I’m not rolling in cash, but I can pay my bills most of the time and get to avoid doing work that I feel in the grand scheme of things does harm to people and the environment or does absolutely nothing to improve either.”

Meg also is a backyard chicken-rearer, basement beer brewer, and writer.  Her awesome blog is Brooklyn Homesteader and it’s worth checking out.